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If you stop and think about that for a moment, the amount of device location data being shared by Apple devices is going to increase exponentially, and in the wrong hands, it could be at least as concerning as all the location data that Facebook, Google, and others have been harvesting. I strongly suspect Tags are coming, quite possibly as soon as this fall. Whether the batteries will be rechargeable or replaceable remains an open but very important question. Pricing could, of course, be a problem. Selecting the People tab lets you see the locations of family and friends who have specifically opted into location sharing — something parents can do for young children on the same iCloud account, and adults with their own accounts can authorize or deauthorize at will.

Otherwise, a person is tracked by the device he or she specifies, such as an iPhone, iPad, or cellular Apple Watch, and if you select a person, you can easily see them on a map, use contact information to reach out to them, or get directions to their current location with Apple Maps.

Set up Find My iPhone on all of your devices

You can also set up notifications specific to that person — either for yourself about them, or for them about you. With this feature, you can let a family member know when you arrive or leave at a specific location, or receive a notification when your contact arrives or leaves a location. Listen for the dinging sound to locate the device.

How to Use Find My App in iOS 13: Enable Offline Finding & Lost Mode & Directions on iPhone & iPad

Find My iPhone is a free part of iCloud. The option to set up Find My iPhone is part of the initial iPhone setup process.

You may have enabled it then. If you didn't, follow these steps to turn it on. When you sign in to your device using your Apple ID, iCloud turns on automatically. To check your iCloud settings or to turn on iCloud:.

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In some versions of the iOS, you may be prompted to Send Last Location when the device is about to run out of battery power. Find My iPhone doesn't work on devices with no battery power. To send the last known location of the device to Apple, select On. After you set up Find My iPhone on your phone, set it up on any other compatible devices you own to keep the content up to date on all your devices. Depending on the version of iOS, you may see a message making sure you understand that this turns on GPS tracking of your iPhone.

Apple Find My unveiled as Find My iPhone and Find My Friends merge

The GPS tracking is for you to use, not for someone else to track your movements. Tap Allow to turn on Find My iPhone. Basically hitting the major points and moving on. The fact that only your own Apple devices, the ones associated with your Apple ID and 2FA, can decrypt that location data from your lost device s means that no one else can access that information and learn where your lost device is. Not even Apple.

How to Set Up Find My iPhone on iPhone

The original report has a step-by-step process how the system works, as described by Apple itself:. That location is then pinged off other Apple devices that are nearby. That means no one else can use that broadcasted data to find your lost device.

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