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However, occasional users might prefer a network that's generally cheaper across a range of destinations. The worst-value providers are a little easier to pin down. Misplacing your mobile is another common holiday concern — our Which? Recommended travel insurance can help keep you on the straight and narrow. However, with this legislation still coming into affect, some providers are still charging different prices as the table below shows.

What is Global Roaming?

While it's important to bear these costs in mind, many providers do offer add-ons and that can help regular travellers reduce costs. For example, EE's free 'call abroad' add-on significantly lowers the cost of calling abroad in 60 countries. Three's PAYG customers get a better deal than its pay-monthly ones when it comes to calling other countries from the UK. If you need to make the odd call abroad, you might think it's cheaper to call from a landline than a mobile phone - but in practice that's not always the case. Again, we're seeing that the biggest and most well-known providers, such as BT and Virgin, are by far the most expensive.

For example, BT typically charges around 20p a minute to call an EU mobile, while Virgin charges around 59p. The Post Office and TalkTalk charge around 5p and 19p, respectively. Most providers also offer an international call package, which gives either discounted or inclusive calls. If you plan to call abroad regularly, make sure to check what the best international call package is for you.

EU Roaming And International Calls Explained - Which?

If you don't fancy paying money to contact family in the US or Australia, there are free ways to chat. Consider apps that use an internet connection to make phone calls and send messages between mobile phones. Apps like WhatsApp, Viber and Skype let you make phone and video calls and, if your phone is connected to wi-fi, it won't even use your data.

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The person you're calling will need a data connection or wi-fi, plus the same app, to receive the call. If you are looking to find how you can limit mobile costs abroad, read our guide on how to prepare your phone for holidays. EU roaming and international calls explained By Hamse Yusuf.

Barred International Locations

EU roaming charges are a thing of the past, but you still need to be careful using your phone abroad. We look at the benefits of EU roaming, hidden costs, and charges if you go further afield.

Put us to the test Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products. Sign up now or login. Disabling data roaming should be the first step that you take when travelling overseas, and you should only turn it on if necessary. Turning it off may force you to consider the next option. Just try and be polite when using their Wi-Fi — you might be using a seat that could be used by a potential customer, so be mindful of where you are and maybe make a purchase or two to thank them for the Wi-Fi.

Phone plans for overseas are furthered explained here. This one can be quite tricky to organise, and may not even be necessary if you follow the previous 4 steps, but nonetheless it could potentially save you money on your trip. Be careful, though; some providers still like to charge for even receiving a call! Global mobile phone roaming is handy, but you do tend to pay the price for convenience.

While you should absolutely roam the city streets of a foreign country, you might want to question whether your mobile phone goes along for the ride. Often you can mitigate costs by turning off roaming on your mobile phone and instead seeking out free WiFi hotspots to upload that Instagram picture.

While there are packs you can buy from the big providers to somewhat offset the cost of global roaming, they may still be quite expensive compared to what you are normally used to back home.

In any case, global roaming is a very convenient option when heading overseas, but be prepared to pay for that convenience. Looking for a new phone and postpaid plan before you take off overseas? Use our comparison tool to see a range of plans from other providers.

How to avoid bill shock with global roaming

These are products with links to referral partners. Compare Mobile Phone Plans. What is Global Roaming? Whatever your reason for making frequent calls abroad, an international SIM or an international calls bolt-on to your existing mobile plan will save you a lot of money.

Virgin Mobile USA: Prep for International Travel

We've laid out all the options right here. There are two options for calling abroad with EE. The SIMs last for 30 days. The second option is an international add-on for existing EE customers. Just make sure you check which countries are covered in each add-on before you buy. If you're thinking about getting a new mobile deal and you like the sound of EE, visit our EE mobile review to help you decide. If you already have a Vodafone Red Entertainment pay monthly plan, you get international minutes included as standard. If you're not, and you want to call friends and family who are overseas, you can pay for one of the Vodafone International add-on packages.

These last for 30 days. If you're not already with Vodafone and are thinking of joining, then read our Vodafone mobile review for further information. Prices vary per country, but start from 1p per minute.