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Because of this, the test was run on our automated Android testing framework. Even though the testing process is automated, the framework realistically simulates real-world conditions. This includes testing on physical Android devices as opposed to emulators , as well as simulation of realistic device usage patterns. The framework consists of two components: a client app on each of the test devices, and a server application. The client app monitors the status of the device and sends its findings to the server at the end of a test case, to document the testing process.

The server remotely controls the test devices via WiFi and organizes the results received by the client applications. The system scales well with the number of connected clients. This allows a large number of security products to be tested in parallel. To ensure even chances for all participating products, connected clients can be synchronized to start the execution of a test case at the same time.

This is especially important for testing recent malware samples, which security vendors may not have encountered yet.

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The test was performed in January , on Nexus 5 devices running Android 6. Each security app was installed on a separate physical test device. Before the test was started, the software testbed on all test devices — Android itself, stock Android apps, plus testing-specific third-party apps — was updated. After this, automatic updates were switched off, thus freezing the state of the test system. Next, the security apps to be tested were installed and started on their respective devices, updated to the latest version where applicable, and the malware definitions brought fully up to date.

If any security application encouraged the user to perform certain actions to secure the device, such as running an initial scan, these actions were performed. If the application offered to activate additional protection functions such as on-install scanning, cloud protection, or detection of Potentially Unwanted Applications PUA , these features were activated as well.

To ensure that all security products could access their respective cloud analysis services, each device was connected to the Internet via a WiFi connection. After each of the above steps, the installed security application was granted enough time to analyze the malicious sample and notify the user of malicious activity on the device. At the end of each test case, the device was reset to a clean state.

If the malicious sample had been run, the clean device snapshot was restored before starting the next test case. When calculating the protection score for each product, we did not consider at which stage a malware sample was blocked, i. The only factor influencing the protection rate is whether the security solution protected the device from being compromised by the malicious sample.

Several shady and low-quality apps detected as malware a number of the 50 clean and popular apps from the Google Play Store. For this test, the 2, most common Android malware threats of were used. According to the licensing developers, this may be caused by several factors, such as different internal settings used by the third-party apps, the use of older engines or different secondary engines, engine implementation and bugs.

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Rest assurednone of your personal info will be collected per the PrivacyPolicy.

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