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Whether you use your iPhone for business or for staying in touch with friends and family, having the names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of all the people you contact in one place is convenient. Typically, some of our contacts are stored in our computer's address book, while others are in an online account from Google or Yahoo. How do you easily sync all your contacts to your iPhone?

Fortunately, Apple built features into the iOS that make it easy to automatically sync contacts between the iPhone, Google Contacts , and Yahoo Contacts. Set it up one time, and they sync automatically in the future. This process used to be accomplished via iTunes, but that's no longer the case.

5 Apps That Sync iOS Contacts to Android

Thanks to iCloud and other web-based syncing technologies, the settings you need to sync your address books all exist on your iPhone. To sync Google Contacts to your iPhone, you first need to make sure your Gmail account is set up on your iPhone. You may see a message that says Turning on Contacts. When it disappears, syncing is set up. Now, any addresses you add to Google Contacts sync to your iPhone. Even better, changes you make to those contacts on your iPhone automatically sync up to your Google Contacts account, too. Syncing of changes doesn't happen instantly, but changes show up in both locations in a minute or two.

Syncing your Yahoo Contacts to your iPhone requires first setting up your Yahoo email account on your iPhone. After you've done that, follow these steps to set up syncing:.

How to Sync your Contacts with iCloud on the iPhone

With that done, syncing between the two accounts is set up. It is very much possible and you can perform the task very easily if you follow the article.

Google Contacts not Syncing? It is a very efficient third-party app that will make your work easier and by far this is the most effective method that you can go for to get this job done successfully. Step 1 First, go to Google Contacts. Step 2 Download and install Tenorshare iCareFone software on your computer. Connect your iPhone to your computer.

Step 3 Visit Manage on the top menu and choose Contacts. Click on the Import option and select the CSV file you have created containing all the contacts. And you are done! The Google CSV file will be imported to your iPhone in no time and you will get all your contacts from your Gmail straight to your iPhone. If you ask how to import contacts from Gmail, there are a few different ways you can directly transfer your contacts from Gmail to your iPhone. The two methods are mentioned below:.

[iOS Advice] How To Sync Google Contacts With Your iPhone

After that, you can activate and get access to your Google Contacts and perform the task with just 1-click. Some users are still running their iPhones on old iOS 8 or 9, this is not a problem and they can easily sync Google Contacts with iPhone.

Contacts Sync for Google Gmail - #1 App For Syncing Gmail Contacts

How did we do? Almost in sync with this article Google Contacts and Copper Nimble: Sync up to contacts for free How do I get my phone contacts in sync? By default, an iPhone will store contacts on iCloud, or, if you've opted out from iCloud, it will store them locally on your phone.

How do you get these contacts synced up to other services?

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It all depends on where they are now! If your iPhone contacts are stored in iCloud, you can choose to sync your contacts from iCloud directly to many of PieSync's other supported apps. If you're not using iCloud, you should consider moving your contacts to a cloud service, as only then will PieSync work.

But even if your contacts are currently stored in iCloud , and PieSync supports iCloud , you may want to make sure your iPhone uses Google Contacts instead, especially if the rest of your business runs on Google apps. Managing multiple contact lists on an iPhone A quick way to find out which contacts are currently loaded up on your iPhone, is by going inside the Contacts app , or the Phone app of your iPhone.

By tapping the Groups icon on the top left, you'll understand that an iPhone is capable of visibly merging different databases into one single contact list. While in some cases it is handy to have your iPhone consolidate contact lists, in most cases it actually leads to confusion.

Because everything is neatly merged, there is no easy way to recognize in which cloud database a specific contact is being stored.