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The CogniFit Brain Fitness app is designed to improve a user's cognitive health by administering a range of training programs. You can track and chart your progress and see which areas are in need of improvement. CogniFit also offers specific training programs designed for people 55 and older. Best of all, a study looking at the scientific claims made by brain training apps found that Cognifit met its highest standards.

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Download the App : or. BrainHQ is an online brain training app created by a team of international neuroscientists. The apps asks users to solve problems and adapts the its level of difficulty based on the user. It is also one of two apps on this list that met the highest standards of the study of brain training apps. Billed as the "world's first and best virtual mental gymnasium", MyBrainTrainer gives its users the ability to strengthen their minds through various short and challenging exercises.

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MyBrainTrainer was one of three brain training tools that fell into the second category and is available to download from the MyBrainTrainer website. Download the App :. Brain Age 2 is a Nintendo DS game which gets players to take a test to determine their brain's age before they start playing. Through playing the game over time the user sharpens their mind and reduces their brain's age. Utilizing research from scientists from prestigious universities like Cambridge and Yale, Peak was rated by Google in as one of the best Android apps.

7 Best Brain Training Apps For Android & iOS | Apps to Train Your Brain

Their mini-games are geared toward strengthening your focus, memory, reading comprehension and other cognitive skills. The upgrade offers more than 35 games and features like a daily reminder to train and an overview of your progress. Cognifit Brain Fitness: Brain games and more.

Five of the best apps for brain fitness

If you thrive on social interaction which also can help keep your brain healthy , you can challenge friends and see how you rank in real-time monitoring. The basic plan is free and includes access to three games. Perception, recall and logic are all parts of mental acuity, and Mensa-approved exercises help strengthen these and more. Their tailored training program developed by puzzle experts challenges memory, concentration, agility, perception and reasoning and was rated as the number one entertainment app in 17 countries. The Available on iOS.

New users get a free trial 7-day subscription.

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  • Once registered, the app measures your Mensa Brain Index MBI using exercises to establish your training baseline, and you can redeem your trial to continue using their games. Subscription prices vary. Empty comment. You seem to be logged out. Refresh your page, login and try again. Also like crosswords, Sudoku is available at varying degrees of difficulty. When you're starting out, play the easy games until you learn the rules.

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    And, if you're playing on paper, use a pencil. You will likely do a lot of erasing. Lumosity is one of the most developed brain training and mental fitness websites around. Either way, you can keep track of your results and improvement.

    Best brain training apps for 2018: Top picks to keep your mind fighting fit

    With Lumosity, you'll find yourself challenging your brain and getting better at your scores along the way. Most important, these are fun brain training and mental fitness games, tests, and activities backed by science. Not only can you use the website, apps are available for iOS and Android, so you can train on the go. Using the website does come with a monthly subscription fee. However, Happy Neuron also offers a free trial offer so you can see if you like the approach.

    My Brain Trainer claims to be an online "brain gym. The annual subscription is an even better deal.

    9 free brain-training apps to make you smarter

    It's definitely worth checking out if you're on a tighter budget. You can try a challenge for free as well. This website is full of games, puzzles, and other challenges designed to improve your mental fitness. The website recommends 10 minutes of brain training twice a day for the best effects. It also has a basic training program which claims to improve your mental speed. Best of all, there are many ways you can do a crossword, both online and off.