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Reviews Review Policy. What's new for 5. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. More by Microsoft Corporation See more. Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Corporation. The official Microsoft Outlook app for Android phones and tablets. Your Phone Companion - Link to Windows.

Get instant access to your phone's notifications, photos and texts on your PC. See more. Nova Launcher. As mentioned several times in the article and comments, the tutorial is a proof of concept that you can use as inspiration and guide, but for execution you should use Google to check it is possible and perhaps hit XDA-Developers.

Hi Chris. This is a great idea and perfect for a a teclast x80h, that I now see shipping already dual bootable. I only have windows on mine but would it be possible to install lollipop instead? Where would I find that? I'm afraid I'm not familiar with your device. I would suggest using this article as a proof of concept and then using Google to find a guide with steps specific to your hardware. Anybody ever tried on iconia w4, will it work. Dual booting reminds me of haret. Incredibly fast, almost native performance. Unfortunately, the No.

Bluestacks is rooted by default, you'll have to install greenify, nova launcher, do some tweaks, and it will run fast. As noted above, this is a general guide to prove that it can be done. For the best results, find a hguide specifically for your device. Well, I ended up getting to the boot menu without a keyboard and was able to use my touchscreen, so I had my usb flash drive plugged in. However, I then ran into a major problem of the tablet giving me multiple errors. One was that I couldn't boot from usb from this device. Another was that it seemed not to recognize the usb device.

The last one was when I clicked on the usb device option I got sent to bitlocker. Completely lost at this point.

What Tablet Are You Using?

Has anyone made this work on a Toshiba Encore? Also, is there a way to do this with a SD card instead of a flash drive? Hope someone can help! Does anyone tested this with an HP like this? I also tried the fast boot mode. Hey Christian, Thanks for the post.

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I have done every steps correctly. Does this require two partitions or Android can be installed in SSD card as well? I am not able to partition internal disk. When I try, it always says not enough memory to complete this operation. Can you please help me to sort it out? Thanks in advance. I would suggest researching the idiosyncracies of booting from USB on the Dell. It might be that it isn't possible unlikely , that you need a DVD image, or that you have to boot from SD card. Not as yet - you'll need the Windows Phone 8.

Hi Sorry i have one question i have this tablet! Hi I tried this on my acer using 4. Was able to boot into android, but couldn't boot into windows. I kept getting diagnosis error. I could restore windows. Even tried recovery dvd with external dvd writer got error install bootable disc and press any key. Had to send tablet in possible hard drive failure. Can I install Android 4. How much space is required for Android??

Is there Play Store or would i have to side load it?? Also, I read people running into issues with WiFi and Bluetooth. Did you experience such problems?? Android shouldn't require more than a few GB to run, perhaps 5 max. You will need to sideload google apps, however. I didn't have any problems with WiFi.

How to Install Android on Your Windows Tablet

Sadly I cant comment on Bluetooth and I no longer have this tablet to test. I can folow the steps up to where you need to press f12 to launch into boot menu. Is it possible to dual boot on a Nokia Lumia ? I don't know much about this stuff, but I'd love to have the Android OS on this tablet. I haven't been able to find anything online telling me how to do it! I am not able to change the OS with Volume Keys. I have an Acer Aspire P3 Tablet. Help Needed Thanks for the post. I was a little hasty and ended up only allocating mb to the android partition.

Do you have a way of increasing this? There are 20 odd partitions on my w after this install and using a 3rd party partition tool I cannot identify which one is for android. I stuck at the point, where I' am supposed to hold the power- and home button after the first setup in the bios. It doesn't restart right away. It just shuts down. You'll need to search further afield - I'm afraid the process differs from one device to another.

In Snapseed, there is no way to direct the app to a specific image file location, so I get a message stating no image can be found. If I drag and drop, I'm told the image is loading - interminably. The Fuji app can't find the camera. Fortunately, I have both these Pps on my iPhone, but I would seriously like the on a larger screen without buying an iPad! I've tried Bluestacks on both my Surface Pro and desktop with no success on either. Yup Snapseed makes my images black when I add some filter and when I try to turn it it just freezes. I am stuck with this problem. I have a tablet running on windows 8.

I tried to install android os as instructed but when I chose EFL USB to boot with, the error message pops up saying "the selected device failed. Press to Continue. I have no legacy booting option, only UEFI. I have the same problom. When the machine is running android, does it still go into sleep mode then and lose its internet connection as it does in Win 8? Or is it able to maintain an active connection when the screen's off as most Android devices do so that it can receive background notifications, update apps, etc.?

What You Need to Install Android on a Windows Tablet

I haven't had Win 8 lose Internet connection so I couldn't give you a definite answer on that, I'm afraid. I installed Bluestacks on my Acer Iconia W and am very happy with it. Performance is fine and it can go full screen or windowed. So I can toggle between regular Win 8. It was easy to install, just download and install like anything else and it puts an icon in the taskbar notification area, click it and voila Android! The steps may differ, however.

It might be worth looking for some detailed steps on a dedicated forum. Acer prevent doing your iconia w3 not work. Well i have to say that the best option to use android on windows 8 tablet is not by dual booting or by Bluestacks, the solution is by using a virtual box of android x86 this is easier and safer than dual booting and also has great performance far better than Bluestacks especially when you enable the multi-touch tablet option available in the latest release of Oracle VM. I want to communicate with Android from windows.

Question--very interested in Dual Boot option.. Looking at the new Dell Venue 8. Not sure about this, chandrakant, but I'd be surprised if it cannot. Probably a trip to XDA-developers. Can you show a video running android on win 8. Also does the Sensors like GPS etc work on android? Of course, by doing this--disabling Secure Boot--you are increasing your exposure to some of the worst types of malicious software. Just don't blame it on Windows when that happens. From the stand point where you're using Android rather then Windows in this device, such a thing would never happen.

Am I correct in thinking that once everything is installed and settled down, that you an re-enable it and add the Android. This was A very interesting article. I never knew that this could be done with a Windows computer. Because Bluestacks is a heavy application to run, first of all, and therefore slower.

Dual booting, though inconvenient, makes this just as fast as if it were an Android tablet since all the systems resources are devoted to running the Android OS. Both have so many capabilities that nobody uses more than a tiny fraction. Microsoft counters by saying they have inbox organization by custom categories, there are time-based rules, and Outlook. Log on to gmail. Both run inside your favorite web browser. The big trick? To get started, go to the Office home page , avoid the temptation to sign up for an Office free trial at the top, and look further down for the free online apps.

If you are a professional photographer, need fancy touch-up tools and extremely high-definition archival storage, or have to set up paid downloading services, you need a more capable option. But for almost everybody, Google Photos is a category killer. Yes, free. Apps for iOS, Android, and all the major browsers on any platform.

You can set Google Photos to automatically upload pics from your phone or Wi-Fi-enabled camera. Google Photos automatically analyzes every picture. Face recognition is built in though it can be turned off. Of course, Google keeps track of everything you post and uses the info to serve ads, but that's the price you pay. I use it exclusively for videos, but I only use the desktop version. Unlike other media players, VLC sports simple, Spartan controls, built-in codecs for almost every file type imaginable, and a large and vocal online support community. VLC plays internet streaming media with a click, records played media, converts between file types, and even supports individual frame screenshots.

Take a look at VLC. VLC is well-known for tolerating incomplete or damaged media files. The desktop version is available via Ninite. But underneath the surface, a whole geeky world unfolds: heavy-duty metadata editing tools; batch and command-line processing; user-programmable functions; a huge collection of plugins.

Foobar has a Universal Windows app called Foobar Mobile.

About Nextcloud

I use it with a Roku on my TVs. I use it on my Chromebooks, iPads, even my Android phone. In short, any computer I have around the house can tap into my movie, TV, or music collection. I can even get at those media files from anyplace with an internet connection. Setting up and running Plex is an absolute breeze.

Point it to your media files. It's like falling off a log.

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Roku picks up the Plex channel immediately. Apple TV, same thing. Some TVs now have Plex built-in. And you can connect to Plex remotely from anywhere in the world, any browser you like, using a simple password. The music streaming industry remains highly competitive. Debatably, Spotify remains the best deal for cheapskates: 30 million songs, easy interface, any platform you can mention, top-quality curated playlists, news, weather -- even a social platform that lets you eavesdrop on friends. Competition in the music space remains cutthroat. Ask your lawyer how she rips DVDs. Personally, I rip MP4s and put them in Plex.

Open source software at its finest, HandBrake has an enormous number of options that should cover even the most convoluted cases. Try Tixati. Net , fast, and easy to use, and it supports magnet links which really simplify downloads , with extensive bandwidth reporting and management. Video calling used to be dominated by Skype.

If you know people in Asia, chances are very good they already depend on it. LINE covers the gamut from plain old phone calls to text, images, video, and audio -- audio messages too. LINE has one significant limitation: When you create a new account, it can only be used on at most one mobile device and one PC.

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The primary limitation is in being able to connect with your contacts. I always end up with duplicated entries, lengthy messes -- and heaven help me if I want to update the list from my PC, my phone, and my iPad, or share it with someone else. I can create a shopping list and share it with other members of the household.

I can make a to-do list and stare in wonder as it backs up weeks, months, even years of overdue tasks. There are due dates, automatically generated reminders. Get it for Windows 10, for your tablets and phones of any pedigree -- even your Mac, Kindle Fire, or Chromebook. If you prefer to run it inside a browser, yep, Wunderlist is there, too. Within the ISO file are all the folders and files found on the disc, as well as all the glue that holds the disc together.

There are lots of ways to create bootable USB drives. You have to take an ISO file and turn it into something that can be booted. Do you need a replacement Start menu for Windows 10? Some folks think the Win 10 Start menu is just fine, thank you very much. Both work very well. Classic Start Menu, for example, has added the ability to uninstall tiled Universal Windows apps by using the Start menu, added some taskbar skins, changed the buttons in Explorer.

By and large, the description in the review still holds, but Classic Start has gone through some existential changes -- the original developer decided to quit the game , and handed the keys over to an avid open source team. Open Shell is the new name, and it works just as well as the original Classic Shell and Classic Start. Looking for an alternative to an expensive, lethargic, expensive megapackage? Run it through alternativeTo. Of course, Windows natively handles most zipping and unzipping chores through File Explorer. Works like a champ. Few hackers I use that in the positive sense of the term can approach Nir Sofer for creating small, single-purpose, intensely useful Windows tools.

For example, SmartSniff screenshot can show you everything that passes in and out of your computer. More than utilities, in all. The big downside? Antivirus products including, yes, Windows Defender have a bad habit of flagging his utilities as infected or malicious. Why on earth would anybody want to put a skin on the Windows desktop? I also like to see the date and time in the upper right corner, without moving the taskbar.

Enter Rainmaker , a free, amazingly versatile, ultimately extensible skin maker for Windows. You can paint your desktop with gorgeous images, the latest news, weather, currency conversions, stock quotes -- just about anything you can imagine. True confessions time. I just hate the Caps Lock key. And there are phrases that I type over and over and over again, such as site:askwoody.

Well, not necessarily. Have a favorite tool that somehow missed the cut? Hit me on the AskWoody Lounge Tools forum. Here are the latest Insider stories. More Insider Sign Out. Sign In Register. Sign Out Sign In Register. Latest Insider. Business Tech. Mobile Tech.