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Dogs and bats have a higher hearing range than humans and can hear some ultrasonic waves. Ultrasonic sound waves are made by electrical devices like a loud speaker , which change electrical signals into sound waves. There are many uses for ultrasound in medicine and industry. Here are some of them:.

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  • Ultrasound is part of our daily lives and used in many applications.
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A receiver compares the length of time it takes for the ultrasound waves to be detected. The longer the time it takes for the wave to reach the receiver the deeper into the body the wave has gone. This information is then used to build up a picture of the baby in the womb, which is then shown on a visual display, like a computer screen.

Cleaning instruments: Ultrasonic waves can be used to clean delicate instruments without having to take the equipment apart. The instrument is held in a liquid. The ultrasonic waves make the liquid particles vibrate at a high frequency, which cleans the surfaces of the equipment.

If you are in a cave and say something. So an echo is just like something bounces back just like a dolphin uses the sound they make to find their babies and the babies hears it and bounce back to their mother, just like a cave. So that's what the world echo means. An echo sounder uses sound waves to determine the depth of water.

The time interval between transmission and the return of a sonar pulse is recorded, based on the speed of sound in water. A disadvantage of an echo sounder is that temperature affects the speed of sound in water, so a warm thermal layer can distort readings. An advantage of using an echo sounder is that it is very quick and also very environmentally…. No, except that the Egyptian Fruit Bat uses high pitch clicking in caves. Very loud! While there are many uses for the period character in a batch script, the most common would be Example: ECHO. Example: Filename.

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  5. Most bats use a form of sonar to echo locate prey and obstacles however, the long eared bat uses an acute sense of hearing to catch its prey and echo location to fly. It uses echo location for all underwater submarines and when the signal comes back you will be able to see whats in front of you. An Echo-echo-echo-echo!

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    The answer is Echo. Echo is the present tense. Echo is spelled echo.. Echo Echo was created on Swampfire 2. Echo Echo 3.

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    Goop Alien X also waybig. Bats will emit a sound, and the sounds will bounce of the object. The bat then uses the echo to determine the location and size of the object. T Donald has written: 'Uses of ultrasonic echo sounding in obstetrics and gynaecology' -- subject s : Gynecology, Ultrasonics, Obstetrics.

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    My English teacher always sings "Question Opinion echo Reason 1 echo Then another reason echo Need a rebuttal echo Yes I do echo then a conclusion echo now your done echo " Hopefully this is helpful!! Ulimate echo echo was just used in the episode Map of Infinty. Echo repeats whatever you put on the command line.

    This information is then typically used for navigation purposes or in order to obtain depths for charting purposes. Echo sounding can also refer to hydroacoustic "echo sounders" defined as active sound in water sonar used to study fish. Hydroacoustic assessments have traditionally employed mobile surveys from boats to evaluate fish biomass and spatial distributions. Conversely, fixed-location techniques use stationary transducers to monitor passing fish. The word sounding is used for all types of depth measurements, including those that don't use sound , and is unrelated in origin to the word sound in the sense of noise or tones.

    Echo sounding is a more rapid method of measuring depth than the previous technique of lowering a sounding line until it touched bottom.

    Using echoes

    Distance is measured by multiplying half the time from the signal's outgoing pulse to its return by the speed of sound in the water , which is approximately 1. Echo sounding is effectively a special purpose application of sonar used to locate the bottom. Since a traditional pre- SI unit of water depth was the fathom , an instrument used for determining water depth is sometimes called a fathometer. The first practical fathometer was invented by Herbert Grove Dorsey and patented in Most charted ocean depths use an average or standard sound speed.

    Where greater accuracy is required average and even seasonal standards may be applied to ocean regions. For high accuracy depths, usually restricted to special purpose or scientific surveys, a sensor may be lowered to measure the temperature, pressure and salinity. These factors are used to calculate the actual sound speed in the local water column. As well as an aid to navigation most larger vessels will have at least a simple depth sounder , echo sounding is commonly used for fishing.

    Variations in elevation often represent places where fish congregate.

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    Schools of fish will also register. In areas where detailed bathymetry is required, a precise echo sounder may be used for the work of hydrography. As the two frequencies are discrete, the two return signals do not typically interfere with each other.