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Download: Timer Plus Free. In case you feel Timer Plus is a little overwhelming for your needs, take a look at Interval Timer.

Best Timer apps for Windows 10

The app has a significantly more straightforward interface, with barely any learning curve, and allows you to quickly define sets as well as their durations. You can specify one work interval and another for resting in each lap. Apart from that, it has large fonts and bright colors so that you can comfortably check on your pace.

However, Interval Timer does show ad banners. Download: Interval Timer Free. Timer is another fitness-focused app which is built primarily for workouts involving laps, like sprints. The app displays these points with different colors and you can simply swipe to the left to view the complete lap list. Plus, you have access to options like themes, presets, and a few others. Download: Timer Free. Brain Focus is a productivity-centric timer app. Compared to Goodtime, it houses a couple of advanced utilities especially for people who have a hard time concentrating.

For starters, you can produce sessions based on the Pomodoro technique and analyze statistics for more insights into how you work. But Brain Focus builds on top of this by adding a bunch of nifty tools. Moreover, you can block time-sucking third-party apps such as Instagram right from Brain Focus. You also have the ability to generate new presets for specific tasks and categorize for easier access.

Themes are also available, along with customization settings for the timers and associated notifications. Download: Brain Focus Free, premium version available. Engross offers a familiar array of features for a timer app, but it sets itself apart with a tab for your to-dos. That enables you to start timers and link them with your tasks. Engross follows the same Pomodoro style, but you can personalize the periods based on your preferences. Download: Engross Free, premium version available.

The apps listed above do offer the best set of functionalities in their areas of expertise, and most of them totally free as well. If you also find the default alarm clock app on your phone too lacking, try these best third-party clock apps for Android The 10 Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android in The 10 Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android in Having a solid alarm clock app is important if you want to wake up on time.

Try out one of these. Your email address will not be published. Does "Smart Timer" have a "Pause" button? I'm not talking about the "built-in break setting" I mean, if you've programmed one of the timers for a ten minute workout and sometime, in the middle, someone comes by and asks you where someone is - you can hit "Pause" , and it just holds at You say "last hall to the right, second door" , then hit "Pause" again and the timer continues - - - -. I want a timer with some easy preconfig buttons.

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Then, specify a small alert or a beep on top of each minute. And, a different alert at the end of the five minutes. By the way, if you like the layout and functionalities of the Kitchen Timer, but is not working well on your newer or bigger device, as it was not updated since Android 2.

What I need is a timer that can be set via a URL. This makes it easy to co-ordinate raids, chats and conferences in an online game. I press it, say "Start timer for 5 minutes" and it automatically starts counting down the timer for 5 mins. It's pretty slick really. I think this is a general Android thing so it should work for most phones. Multi Timer is the best app for this category. You can set up as many times as you like. Each can have there own alarm sounds so that you can distinguish one alarm from another.

Have used Multi Timer for a couple of years now. Shush is another that I have been using for a long time now. I am looking for a timer which can beep after every 2 minutes which would help me keeping track of time taken by me in solving maths questions.. OVO certianly seems to a eyecatching timer. Will try using it. Thank you for the recommendations. Sure thing! Yeah, Ovo is my go-to these days. I only wish it would keep ringing rather than stop after a few seconds. The android voice actions let you set an alarm like that.

You can both pick a specific time or a set interval in the future. As for a voice timer, Android 4 has it baked in. You can say "Set alarm for five minutes from now" and you're golden. I use UltraChron. It has some great features including the voice options that you were looking for. In college, final exam season prompts a two-week-long cram session. Everyone has their own tales of studying all night, downing dangerous levels of caffeine, and rubbing their eyes at lecture notes.

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But after a while, extra studying doesn't really help; you're reading the same material, but your brain is so zapped that you won't retain anything. That's what Francesco Cirillo discovered during his first year of college. After realizing he was getting distracted and not using his study time efficiently, he grabbed a tomato-shaped kitchen timer, set it for 10 minutes, and tried working solidly for those 10 minutes without doing anything else. And it worked—forcing himself to focus before rewarding himself with a break helped him get more done, even with the break time.

Find out how RescueTime for Orgs can give your team back hours a week

With more testing and tweaking, Cirillo settled on a structured framework for what he called the Pomodoro Technique named after the Italian word for "tomato," in reference to his original kitchen timer. The final technique is just about as simple as his original idea: you use a timer to break your work into focused time blocks usually 25 minutes separated by a short, usually five-minute break.

After four consecutive working time blocks, you take a longer break, around 20 or 30 minutes. Each minute work block is called a "pomodoro.

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Over time, you'll train yourself to be more productive during each pomodoro. The benefits of the Pomodoro Technique come from the frequent breaks, which help your mind stay fresh. The focused time blocks also force you to adhere to fixed limits, so you'll be encouraged to complete a task more quickly, or—in the case of a large task—spread it out over a number of pomodoros.

The length of working and break times can vary depending on what you prefer, but here's the basic process:. Because the whole technique centers around timing your focus periods and breaks, it helps to rely on a Pomodoro timer app to keep you on track and focused throughout the day. When looking for a Pomodoro app, it's easy to get overwhelmed.

There are a lot of options to choose from. To compile this list of Pomodoro timer apps, we narrowed down our recommendations using the following criteria:.

Download Sleep Timer App for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Extra features: Simple Pomodoro timers are a dime a dozen, and since all they do is count down the time to your next pomodoro, it's difficult to say what makes one better than another. Instead, we're focused on apps that do more than just count down time—apps that have features beyond just timing your pomodoros. Professional use: Those extra features offered by our recommended apps are geared toward people looking to use the Pomodoro Technique at work.

They let you combine Pomodoro and your to-do list, make it easy to track the time you spend doing pomodoros, help you do pomodoros with your team, or offer some other feature geared toward professional use. Free or free trial: The best way to find the app that's right for you is to test a few options and find the one you love the most. That's difficult to do if you have to pay for the app outright without getting a chance to test it first. The apps below are all either free, have a free plan, or offer a free trial so you can try the app before you invest in a premium version of it.

Intuitive: You shouldn't need to spend days reading through an instruction manual or online help documentation to use a Pomodoro timer app. The apps we selected are all intuitive and easy to use so you can get up and running with your new tool from day one. If the Pomodoro Technique sounds like something you'd like to try—or if you're just tired of using a kitchen timer to tackle it—here are 10 of the best Pomodoro timer apps to consider.

Description of Sleep Timer

Focus Booster offers everything you'd expect from a simple Pomodoro timer—and then some:. But what really makes Focus Booster unique are the features in its Professional plan that let you use the tool as both a Pomodoro timer and time-tracking app. When you finish the session, Focus Booster logs the time, task, and client to your timesheet. Then, your Reports dashboard shows a snapshot of your timesheet and revenue for selected dates.

You can even download detailed CSV reports for simpler invoicing. Another useful feature: pause your timer at any time if you're interrupted and need to quit tracking your time. When you're ready to refocus, restart the timer to log the time from the unfinished session to your timesheet, and start fresh with a new focus session. If you already have a specific task management system but want to use Pomodoro to boost your productivity, try PomoDoneApp.

It imports existing tasks from any connected apps, and it also lets you transfer tasks created directly in PomoDoneApp back to your task management tool. If you don't already use a task management tool, add your tasks directly in PomoDoneApp—or use the Pomodoro timer on its own. Its timer has all of the functions you need: session length customization options, automatic switching from focus to break timers, and a minimized version that, if you're using the Mac desktop app, displays the remaining time on your menu bar.

PomoDoneApp also features powerful reporting options that let you filter your data and share your logs with others. And with its Chrome extension, you can blacklist certain websites during your focus period—a great option if you're prone to wandering off to check email, scan social media, or visit news sites while you're supposed to be focusing. PomoDoneApp is great if you're already using a Kanban tool like Trello or MeisterTask, but if you're not, it doesn't make sense to manage two separate systems to get the combined Kanban and Pomodoro features.

Instead, check out KanbanFlow. KanbanFlow is a Kanban board with a Pomodoro timer built in. It offers all of the features you'd expect from a Kanban app : work-in-progress limits, swimlanes, shared boards, and reporting options. But what makes KanbanFlow unique is its time-tracking feature that lets you initiate pomodoros directly from tasks on your board. In addition to taking advantage of the Pomodoro Technique and tracking your time toward tasks, KanbanFlow provides you with statistics on your productivity.

When you pause a timer, it asks you what caused the interruption. Use these reports to monitor your own productivity over time, and discover what interruptions are preventing you from staying focused most often. Use it to capture all of your to-dos, prioritize them, and organize them into categories, and then execute on your most important tasks using the Pomodoro Technique. After you create an account, Pomotodo's tutorial walks you through how to use the system—and why each step is important.

Once you finish the tutorial, start adding to-dos to your list. Once you're finished, click "Start Pomo" to start your first pomodoro. Attach pomodoros to to-do items to track how much time you're spending on tasks, and check tasks off of your list to mark them as complete. You can also set goals for number of pomodoros to complete per day, week, or month if you're working on improving your productivity. By default, Pomotodo's timer plays a ticking sound during your focus period. If you find the constant ticking distracting, open your preferences and uncheck the "Play working sound" checkbox.

Looking for a web-based timer with no strings? Marinara Timer doesn't even require a signup.

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  • It offers three timer options: Pomodoro, Custom, and Kitchen:. The distinct feature in Marinara is that it gives you a unique URL for each timer, so you can share it with other people. Maybe you're working with a team and want to be sure that everyone's able to take their breaks together. Or maybe you want to hold yourself accountable by sharing your timer with a colleague. With Marinara, you get an administrator link and a viewer link, so you can share the viewer link with other people to view on their own screens.

    TouchWatch2 Stopwatch and Countdown Timer app for Windows phones

    Only the administrator can start or stop the timer, so there's no risk of one person interrupting the timer for everyone else. Be Focused lets you combine a to-do list with the Pomodoro Technique, and it provides reports showing exactly where you spent your focus time each day, week, month, year, and even across all time.

    Just open your task list, add things you need to do, and then click the clock next to your highest-priority task to start your Pomodoro timer. When time runs out, the time you spent on that task is logged to your reports, letting you see exactly how much time you spent on each task on your list. You can also download those reports as CSV files for your records or invoicing. Be Focused is available for both macOS and iOS devices, and if you own the apps for both operating systems, you can sync your data across all of your devices.

    It also supports other basic, desirable Pomodoro timer features: Adjust your settings to change the default timer lengths, skip breaks when you're idle, and adjust the sounds and volume of notifications. For some people, the Pomodoro Technique is enough to keep them motivated and focused. But if you're struggling to stick with the technique and need some additional motivation, Tomatoes offers a solution: motivation via competition. Tomatoes' timer is very basic. Just click the "Start" button on its homepage to start a minute timer. That's pretty much the extent of it.

    What makes Tomatoes unique, though, is that it tracks the number of pomodoros each of its logged-in users has completed, creating leaderboards for each day, week, and month, and across all time. If you're motivated by competition and bragging rights, Tomatoes could be just what you need to stay focused and complete your pomodoros.